Thursday, May 03, 2007

Weather or Whether?

Weather in Hungary – I had certain expectations: a cold winter with snow, deep snow. A wet, chilly spring was expected. Well, only fall lived up to my expectations and turned out to be beautifully warm and relatively dry.
Winter ended up being a cool, snowless season. I brought heavy boots, gloves, hats, etc. with for that reportedly nasty season. Think of the overweight penalty I could have avoided on my luggage! Now I get to drag all that stuff home for my next winter in Pocatello and hopefully I will use it – Idaho needs moisture desperately.
I was told spring would be a wonderous season in Hungary. I have always thought that spring was a wonderous season everywhere! How could it be any better here? Well, it was better!!! Buds and bulbs peeped out and birds returned and started singing. They do that in Idaho, too, but somehow it was better here! I haven’t been able to figure out what caused this “betterness” of spring here in Hungary. Whether it just reminded me that my return to Idaho was not far away, whether it was because winter was soooooooooo grey and full of deadness without the joy of snow that new life was more eventful, or whether it was because my world in Ujszasz is much smaller and spring just jumped out and seemed bigger, I do not know. But spring is GLORIOUS in Hungary!

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SunnyHeirReborn3 said...

The contrast could indeed have played its part "If all the years were playing holidays to sport would be as tedious as work etc..."

May I recommendd u visit some of the countryside in England during Spring - can be absolutely glorious here too