Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Travel in Hungary and Europe

Besides teaching, one of our goals while living in Europe was to travel and see other places and how others live. We have achieved that and more!

In Hungary we have been lucky enough to journey to Eger, Szeged, Pecs and enjoy many, many weekends spent in Budapest. The wonderful train system here has made this possible. Trains are frequent and go everywhere! Unfortunately, they are also dirty and unkept, at least the 2nd class ones fit this description. Some first class cars on fast trains have been at least kept up, but never have we been on a clean car. We have seen train car washing facilities, but they must all be broken! If Hungarians want to encourage tourists to visit in numbers, this will need to be remedied.

A week spent in Croatia was spectacular – Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik!! Bratislava, Slovakia we took the train to on a weekend and saw a fine castle spectacularly displayed. It doesn’t get any better than Christmas spent in Salzburg and Vienna Austria, with some time thrown in for Prague, Czech Republic, too. A long weekend in Berlin required an airplaine flight that we found online for a mere $75.00 round trip for two!!!! The past weekend we spent in Paris. The most glorious city we have ever visited! Again plane tickets and a fast 2 ½ flight and we were there.

Europe is so user friendly for travel. Trains between countries and metros, trams and buses easily take you anywhere in cities. Maps for these modes of travel are abundant and they are cheaply priced. Even airport security is quick and efficient. No standing in lines of 100 people and waiting an hour to get through!

We still hope to visit Cyprus, Cairo, Egypt and Venice, also Liffifurd in Hungary before we must return to the States. Hopefully we will be able to sneak some other trips in also!

Well, I will sleep tonight with sweet dreams of Paris and look forward to heading to Budapest tomorrow!! What a way to live!