Thursday, May 17, 2007

As the Year Draws to a Close

Future home of the John and Donna Language Room!

It is hard to believe we have been here for almost an entire school year. Yet, three more weeks and we head back home to Idaho.
As we assessed our teaching time here, we knew that it took us two months before we became effective conversation teachers. We feel badly about that, but there is nothing that can be done. If we teach again somewhere else in the world, we will be all the better for the time we have spent here. An outline on the best way to teach conversational English has been sent to CETP and also offered to a language company for possible inclusion in course materials. It is like it disappeared into cyberspace, though. No word from anyone! We are glad it is copyrighted!
We have decided that the best way to continue helping future students with their English skills (or German skills) is to put a language laboratory into the school. There was one here many, many years ago, but it stopped functioning and was dismantled. So, we have offered to put one in and both the Director and language teachers are delighted. After three tries the correct room was settled on. Storage cabinets are already being made to order by a local carpenter. Equipment is being priced. The Director wants everything in place before we leave! We are grateful and thankful. That way we know it has actually happened and will be used next year. So, before we leave the John and Donna Language Room will have “Howdy” mounted on the door and will be open for usage!!


Anonymous said...

Greetings from Minneapolis MN! I am heading to Hungary to teach in two weeks, and as I'm poking around the internet, I came across your blog. I am a history teacher by trade, but I am a bit nervous about the conversations aspect of the teaching - as you mention in your blog. Have you put your materials together for purchase or anything? I am interested in using some of the ideas you mention in your writings - so I don't have to re-invent the wheel too!!

What have you been doing since you were in Hungary?

Thanks in advance for your time and suggestions!

Carla Staffa

stillhaventfound said...

Hi Donna,

I'm interested to find out about the English conversation materials too. Been doing some research on how various people do English Conversation classes because I'm hoping to start one soon. Could you email me at idealist @ thanks